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Mindful relief for chronic pain

Mindful relief for chronic pain

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Do you struggle with pain that has lasted for more than six months?

Do you experience that the effect of treatments does not last?

A major reason for the scientific and public awareness around mindfulness is its well-documented effect on chronic pain. Mindfulness has been shown to help through many neurological mechanisms.

The problem

Unfortunately, many people experience that the meditation techniques do not work for them, or even that the pain gets worse.

For meditation to be effective as pain relief or support in healing pain, you must take into account the following:

  1. Understand clearly why you are meditating
  2. Be aware of any possible post-traumatic stress disorder
  3. Find techniques that work for you
  4. Know how to deal with challenges in your meditation
  5. Take the time to master the techniques
  6. Give the techniques long enough for the brain to change

This web site will help you understand the important parts of recent pain science and mindfulness, and apply what you learn in your life.

For an introduction to this approach, attend this free workshop from The Embodiment Conference. It will help you have a foundational understanding for working with meditation and pain.

For more resources, check out the blog. A good starting point is the article on why meditation helps for chronic pain.

If you want more personal help, you may consider to be a part of Mindful Relief group coaching program or schedule an individual session.

To help you decide if either is right for you, please schedule a 15 minute call by pressing this link, or send me an email.

The Mindful Relief group coaching program

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