Mindfulness for empathic vocations March 2. – 29. 2015.

4-week program with online teaching and personal guidance.

lashesDeadline for application: February 15. 2015
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Are you in an empathic profession – teacher, social worker, nurse, physician, psychologist, or working in another helper profession?

Do you experience a lot of stress at work?
Do you often feel overwhelmed by work ?
Do you feel that you carry the stress with you even when the work is over ?
Do you want to experience more clarity and presence at work?
Do you find it difficult to get started or maintain a mindfulness practice?

We offer a six-week program to meet these challenges in an inspiring way.

How the Program Works:


The practice of mindfulness creates neurological transformation as well as increased well-being in a number of areas.

1. Brain «Upgrades».

Recent science has shown the following results with mindfulness practitioners:

Taren, Adrienne A, J David Creswell, and Peter J Gianaros. «Dispositional mindfulness co-varies with smaller amygdala and caudate volumes in community adults.» PloS one 8.5 (2013): e64574.
Rosenkranz, Melissa A et al. «A comparison of mindfulness-based stress reduction and an active control in modulation of neurogenic inflammation.» Brain, behavior, and immunity 27 (2013): 174-184.

2. Increased General Well-being.

Practitioners report that they have:

3. Profound Benefits at Work.

When mindfulness has been integrated into one’s life, the following often occurs at one’s workplace:

How we create these transformartions in the program:

Four Weeks Training Program in the Basic Mindfulness System for Empathic Vocations:

Week 1: Clearly understanding and practicing mindfulness; Focus on Rest
Week 2: Focus In: Working with thoughts and feelings
Week 3: Meeting others with presence: Person-oriented approach.
Week 4: Tying it all together; Focus Out and Focus On Everything.

Each week consists of:

  1. Clear and instantly usable mindfulness teaching.
  1. Access to a private internet forum for all participants.
  1. Unlimited email support.

Each every other week consists of:

  1. Individually tailored one-to-one direct coaching.
  1. A group Q&A call via Skype/Zoom.

Total value : only 613 EUR/ 499 GBP / 840 USD
Program price : 368 EUR / 299 GBP / 504 USD

If you are in a challenged position financially, you can pay in three instalments of 142 EUR / 113 GBP / 193 USD each month.
If you are in a very challenged situation financially, you can apply for a scholarship.

Two week trial.

After you have registered, you have two weeks to explore and experience the program.
During this time we will both see if it is a good fit for you.
When the two weeks are over, we will make an assessment together. If it not a fit, you do not have to pay anything .

Feedback from previous participants:

«I work as a coordinator in a psychiatric ward and I signed up to the program to see if it could help me have  more resilience in an often very hectic schedule. For me, the course has been very concrete and practical. The techniques are easy to learn and use. They have helped me to find rest in a stressful life and managing meetings with difficult situations and people. I have discovered that I can get to sleep faster, I have become kinder to myself, and that I have  better interactions with people I earlier had a difficult relationship with. «
Ann Levin, coordinator of a psychiatric ward in Oslo Kommune 


«I had good results from the course with Tord. It helped me become more focused and to integrate meditation into everyday life. The course covers a wide range of meditation techniques so you can choose the ones that are most useful. Tord helps you by adapting the coaching to your own problems. He is a good listener and responds thoroughly and thoughtfully to every question. «
Thomas Malmer Berge, lawyer in the Justice Department


«The course provides a practical introduction to specific, easy to use meditation techniques. The program is professional and thoughtfully created, and the course has helped me to become more focused and relaxed. Tord provides comprehensive feedback and is eager to adapt to the participants’ needs. «
Mari Seilskjær, advisor at the Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers (NOAS)


«I perceive Tord as a skilled and dedicated teacher of Mindfulness. He presents the various meditation techniques in a straightforward way, giving you feedback and prompting you to penetrate further into the core of what mindfulness is. The rest is up to you! I can recommend Tord as a teacher for those who want to start exploring the rich possibilities Mindfulness has to offer. «
Per Morten Kjøl, hospital nurse 


«Tord was very professional, knowledgeable and present teacher, and had good rapport with the students. He had a thoughtful and well-designed workshop, based on research and practice. He was sociable, inclusive and easy to work with. I give Tord my best recommendations.»
Gunn Engelsrud, professor at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences


«Tord completed both the course for the employees and the regular training of pupils in a very inspiring and at the same time unobtrusive way. Where students initially showed resistance, they were eventually susceptible to immerse themselves in the exercises. Several of the staff also expressed that the exercises increased the quality of the work meetings we had in relation to the courses. We give our warmest recommendations of Tord communication skills and insightful mindfulness training.»
Sunniva Sandanger, general manager at Nyskolen in Oslo


About the teacher.


Tord Helsingeng is a pain therapist and mindfulness teacher. He is a certified acupuncturist and shiatsu therapist with extensive post-graduate training in western medical pain science (eg. Dermo Neuro Modulation) and counseling (Inner Relationship Focusing). He has practiced mindfulness since 1995 and attended more than twenty meditation retreats. Tord has been teaching mindfulness since 2011, with chronic pain patients, in schools, with private students and at mindfulness retreats. He is a member of the Basic Mindfulness Facilitator Training Network and The Norwegian Mindfulness Association (NFON).


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